Whether you are looking to diversify your conversation topics or expand your network, commit to your progress with our      1-Day Business Golfer workshop. 

The workshop will take place at our Corporate Office in Buckhead and at the Resurgent Group of Metro Atlanta in Decatur, GA. We will cover everything you need to know BEFORE you consider scheduling your first golf lesson at the golf course.

By attending this workshop, you will prove your commitment to expanding your golf knowledge and have the ability to apply that knowledge to conversations that can lead to business opportunities. 

Upon successful completion of this workshop, you will officially be a Pre-Certified Business Golfer. The Business Golfer Pre-Certification affirms that you are interested in more than the status quo and are progressing in your golf game. 

The Workshop will be offered at the following locations on the following dates: 

Golf Women Mean Business Corporate Office, Atlanta, GA (Buckhead) -   October 19th - 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Resurgent Group Corporate Office, Decatur, GA - October 28th - 9:30 am - 12:30pm

Cost: $75 ($220 value) 

  • Breakfast or Dinner for the session
  • One-Year Membership to Golf Women Mean Business 
  • Per-Certification Certificate of Completion 
  • 50% discount on admission to the Golf CommuniTee Gala (November 4th in Stone Mountain) 


Golf Women Mean Business, 3355 Lenox Road Ste 750 Atlanta, GA 30326

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