Michelle Glover

Meet Michelle Glover

Purpose & Career Coach | Let’s leverage your purpose in the workplace to go HIGHER.

“I believe that Purpose should be celebrated in the workplace. The Biggest Misconception about purpose is that you have to start a business or non-profit in order to live out your purpose. That is WRONG!!! You can live out your purpose even in Corporate America. The key is working in your unique strengths & talents, doing a job that ignites your passion, and working in an environment that aligns with your values.” Michelle Glover

Michelle Glover is the certified coach and owner of Journey Unlimited, LLC, a coaching firm in Atlanta, GA. A talented human resource executive with 20+ years’ experience, Michelle helps clients work on their purpose by guiding the self-discovery process, building mental resiliency, and developing the strategic roadmap that delivers results.


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The first stage of your training covers the "soft skills" of golf and can be completed within 60 days at scheduled times. You can expect to get familiar with the rules, etiquette, and other nuances that come with golf. Upon completion of the first stage, you will be given a "Pre-Certification" exam to review what you learned.