The Golf Women Mean Business Difference:


Collaboration over Competition: 

As members, we collaborate and discuss opportunities on the golf course that allow us to effectively compete in the business world. 

Our Mission:

To enhance the overall competitive value of professionals through community service, professional development, golf training and networking opportunities.

Teen Summit - Hampton, GA

Teen Summit - Roswell, GA

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Benefit 1

Golf is more than swinging the golf club. There are strategy and goals involved.

Benefit 2

Get support from our community of professional women who have been where you are.

Benefit 3

Represent our business partners and supporters in golf tournaments.

Benefit 4

Serve your local community alongside other members through our community service programs
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Years of experience

We want you to be Proficient

Elevate your team’s skills on and off the green with our tailored Business Golf Training for Professional Groups. Designed for corporate teams, business organizations, and professional groups, our program combines the finesse of golf with essential business networking skills.
Whether your team consists of seasoned golfers or complete beginners, our training modules are crafted to enhance both golf prowess and business acumen.

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Passion is what drives us

Our business golf certification is more of an experience than a daunting "class"

Only available via Bootcamps and the Go Bigger Now Program


"Confidence is a byproduct of Competence" Patrina

Certifications are one of the most effective ways to connect with your peers and let them know that you have reached a new level of achievement. Certifications give your peers a little nudge to ask questions or include you in some of their conversations and activities, such as golf.

Unfortunately, women are rarely a consideration when it comes to planning golf outings with peers in the workplace. Furthermore, with the complex rules and regulations that come with the game of golf leaves many women uncertain about where to start.

This why we created the Business Golf Certification.

Becoming Business Golf certified shows that you have an understanding of how work professionals play golf. From building and implementing a strategy to growing your professional network, the it proves to your colleagues and your customers that you’re able to join them for a round of golf AND lunch.

The Business Golf certification is more of an experience than a daunting “class”. Just be sure to commit to learning the material and be willing to invest in yourself now and forever.


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