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The Golf Women Mean Business Mission

To enhance the overall competitive value of professionals through professional development, golf education, exposure, and partnership opportunities.

“Confidence is a byproduct of Competence” – Patrina

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Small Business of the Week

Nancy J. Lewis, President of Progressive Techniques, Inc. (PTI)

PTI’s provides executive and business coaching to CEO’s and their leadership teams. Their mission is to transform organizations by helping people achieve their full potential and walk in their destiny.

Their why, “We bring JOY to the workplace.” PTI conducts dynamic keynotes and training in some of the following areas: leadership, diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, adaptive leadership, communication, change management and team building. They welcome an opportunity to work with you and your team so they can help you develop better leaders!!

Membership is now OPEN

Looking for Team Building Options?

Golf, as a team building activity, allows all team members to participate due to it being such a low-impact sport. Some of the benefits of using golf as a team building tool is brain stimulation and reduction of stress levels.

By incorporating golf with your team, they will naturally find unique and sometimes innovative ways to work together. As an organization, you will benefit from a more effective and enthusiastic team.  

Send us a quick message below to customize a team building or corporate training program for your company’s culture and needs.

Receive Official Certificate

Upon completing the entire certification, you will receive an official certificate.

Complete Online Training

The first stage of your training covers the "soft skills" of golf and can be completed within 60 days at scheduled times. You can expect to get familiar with the rules, etiquette, and other nuances that come with golf. Upon completion of the first stage, you will be given a "Pre-Certification" exam to review what you learned.

Schedule On-Course Training & Final Exam

The final stage of the Certification happens on the golf course. You will be expected to meet the Golf Women Mean Business team at a specified location in Atlanta, GA on a scheduled date. Complete details of the day will be discussed after the approval of your application and before payment.

Receive Official Certificate

Upon completing the entire certification, you will receive an official certificate.
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In-Person Classes Now Available!

We want you to be Proficient

Start getting your feet wet with some introductory golf knowledge. Take as many or as few classes as you like.

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The business golf certification is more of an experience than a daunting "class"


"Confidence is a byproduct of Competence" Patrina

Certifications are one of the most effective ways to connect with your peers and let them know that you have reached a new level of achievement. Certifications give your peers a little nudge to ask questions or include you in some of their conversations and activities, such as golf.

Unfortunately, women are rarely a consideration when it comes to planning golf outings with peers in the workplace. Furthermore, with the complex rules and regulations that come with the game of golf leaves many women uncertain about where to start.

This why we created the Business Golf Certification.

Becoming Business Golf certified shows that you have an understanding of how work professionals play golf. From building and implementing a strategy to growing your professional network, the it proves to your colleagues and your customers that you’re able to join them for a round of golf AND lunch.

The Business Golf certification is more of an experience than a daunting “class”. Just be sure to commit to learning the material and be willing to invest in yourself now and forever.


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