Are You Ready To Move from Driving the Golf Cart to Playing the Golf Course?

***NOTE*** Please review the Conflict of Interests Policy prior or joining. 

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No, the Business Golf Certification is a separate offering and can only be obtained through specific training programs. 

All live events will be posted on the “Events” page of this website. 

The Growth & Golf membership is the basic membership of Golf Women Mean Business. As a member of GWMB, you can expect:

  • Weekly Check-ins Weekly Live Discussions.  
  • To enhance Your Business Acumen Become a stronger decision-maker and improve mental stamina through monthly discussions and workshops.
  • To grow your Networking Skills Develop effective communication skills and new relationship-building techniques that will result in business opportunities.
  • To learn Business Golf Etiquette and Rules Gain an understanding of golf etiquette and rules specific to business golf settings along with the do’s and don’ts of conducting business discussions on the golf course.
  • To be celebrated by your peers Spread the word that you have started your golf journey with our optional “Welcome to Golf Women Mean Business” social media frame and announcement.
  • To get weekly motivation to keep you focused on your goals
  • Podcast Priority Get priority bookings on the new Golf Women Mean Business Podcast

There are no refunds on annual memberships. However, you may choose not to renew your membership after your annual membership is complete. 

Some social and golf outings are sponsored. Others are pay-per-event. The following are included in your membership. 

  • First Golf Clinic 
  • Practice Outing
  • Annual Membership
  • Screen 2 Green Challenge. (Offered quarterly)


** $350 per year OR $57 per month**


We Network to uplift each other’s careers and businesses


We Teach our members how to Play


We Play while Networking


We Serve our communities to inspire the next generation

Picture This

  • You are spending 2.5 hours or more with a “hard to reach” contact in their happy place…
  • You’re having a casual conversation and building a long-term relationship with someone who you never thought you could get on the phone for 15 minutes.
  • You finally have the opportunity to show why you are the best person for the contract, job, or even promotion.
  • You’re not letting barriers hold you back.
  • You’re not nervous and totally prepared to hang out with this decision-maker without wondering if you are doing everything right.

You don’t have to picture this because… Your Journey starts right here!

  • Isn’t it time you stopped wondering why certain people are better positioned?
  • Isn’t it time to stop playing small and just “being in the environment”?

No matter how awesome your resume is…
Relationships will help you reach and exceed your goals, every time. You can separate yourself by having the knowledge, tools, support and community to help you navigate your goals! It’s time to GO! No more waiting on a golf miracle. Join us today!

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