Dr. RJ

Meet Dr. RJ

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Raushannah Johnson Verwayne, also known as Dr. RJ, is a corporate burnout strategist and licensed clinical psychologist. She helps high performers, particularly people of color and first generation executives, eliminate stress, anxiety, and burnout so they can have the time and energy to live their best balanced lives while maintaining productivity.

As the author of Executive Burnout: 7 Reasons Why High Performers Crash and Burn Before They Reach Their Full Potential, Dr. RJ has helped companies meet their short and long term DEI goals through customized executive coaching and training programs. Dr. RJ’s system helps companies increase productivity and employee engagement, retain high performing talent, and protect the bottom line from the costly effects of burnout.

What makes Dr. RJ unique is her commitment to educating people of color, globally, about wellness, self-care, and the science of mental health. Dr. RJ also appears on docucrime series like “For My Man,” “Fatal Attraction,” “Killer Kids,” and “Snapped Behind Bars.” She provides insightful commentary as an expert on human behavior.

When she’s not helping others achieve success, Dr. RJ enjoys traveling and spending time with her two beautiful children and with her husband who she describes as a perpetual father of the year.


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