Felicia Jones

Meet Felicia Jones

Senior Account Executive for Accenture Operations | Your strategic operations HR partner

The last few tumultuous years have thrust HR into the forefront of business transformation. In the face of rapid change, HR adapted and shifted its models and processes to meet the evolving demands of employees and the business. The need for ongoing transformation continues. I assist clients in transforming their HR departments and move them beyond a support function to position them as strategic partners to business success.

I am a senior Human Resources Operations professional with a robust HR Transformation, and shared service implementation. I lead multi-national teams implementing processes and systems that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and align HR as a strategic value-added business partner.

I work closely with clients within the business environment to combine business development, technology, change enablement, and relationship management to cultivate and implement effective enterprise business transformation strategies. Thereby helping companies to grow and enter new markets. My experience spans numerous industries from life sciences to finance to media and entertainment. And after over 25 years in the industry, I have gained expertise in a wide range of areas, including Digital First HR Operations, Employee Experience, Intelligent Business Strategies, Business & HR Transformation, and Digital Transformation, to name but a few.

Organizational alignment is crucial for the successful implementation of any meaningful transformation. Not just technological alignment but human too. Companies that work to ensure employee and management alignment, knowledge, and adoption are more likely to achieve their transformation goals quickly and effectively. My team and I assist with developing and implementing strategy, roadmaps/lifecycle, goal attainment, and best practices using qualitative outcome measures to ensure that the business moves forward together.

As a leader with more than 2 decades of experience, I know that relationships are the driving force of a company. I am an engaged, trusted executive committed to developing powerful, long-term relationships with colleagues, clients, and friends. I believe in teamwork, communication, and my international experience and skill in selling and managing projects enable me to easily engage, build rapport, and manage relationships with C-level and other Senior Executives.

The role of HR has changed. If your HR department is not preparing to play an important strategic role in your overall business, it’s time. To see how transformation can shape the future of your HR, contact me, and let’s talk.

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