ZsaVette Ellis Eze

Meet ZsaVette Ellis Eze

AVP, Technology and Operations @ Synchrony | Driving Innovation in FinTech  

I am an AVP of Technology and Operations at Synchrony, a leading consumer financial services company in the US, with over 17 years of experience in program management, cloud-based transformation, and software development solutions. I partner with clients and internal teams to deliver solutions that enable digital integration and consumer credit across several products, such as Amazon.com. I also drive the transformation of the card servicing experience on Amazon via the use of Synchrony APIs and spearhead the journey to operational excellence by ensuring stable service delivery to the client.

As a graduate of the Yale School of Management, a certified Project Management Professional, and a graduate of the Inspire Atlanta Board accelerator program, I have developed strong leadership, communication, and strategic skills that allow me to lead cross-departmental initiatives, advocate for maximum process improvement, and mobilize functions outside of my scope of work. I am passionate about driving innovation and excellence in the FinTech and cloud space, while empowering and inspiring others to achieve their full potential.

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